Taiwan Carrefour $300 New Member Coupon Offers Activity

Sign up on Taiwan Carrefour Online shopping membership program in Republic of China 🇹🇼, then complete e-mail confirmation and immediately receive a total of NT 300 discount coupons (NT100 coupon x 3).

Discount Issue / Usage Instructions

  1. Will be sent to your account through the system automatically. This will be done within 1 day when registration and email confirmation are complete.
  2. check “Coupons” at top of webpage for coupon details. Coupons will be valid for use 30 days after you receive them and are applicable to all items you purchase online.
  3. You can only use one coupon per order.
  4. Coupons cannot be applied on Vouchers/Tickets, Mineral water, some Dog food and products on promotion.
  5. If you cancel your order, you will not be able to get back the used coupon.
  6. Coupons can only be used online and cannot be used at physical stores.
  7. Buy over NT$1000 get NT$100 discount coupon , please see coupon detail.

Notics: Carrefour online reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend any promotional activities.

Official website: “Taiwan Carrefour Online Shopping“。








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